A little inspiration sprinkled on top of this week’s bacon muffins…

My sincerest apologies for not being around so much lately. I’m still in hot pursuit of those two associates degrees and have added a certificate (I only needed one more class added to the first degree to get the certification, so, why not?).  The kids are doing great and my oldest son, now legally an adult, is graduating high school at the end of this month.  My husband’s health has taken a turn for the worse.  I don’t believe it’s anything immediately life threatening, but I do need to stay on top of what is going on with him and make sure he’s plenty hydrated and is able to get nutrition.  So, those are the biggest reasons why I’ve not been very active on this site lately.

crisisWith my husband’s current medical crisis – and the heavy financial blow back from this – I have felt over the past week a looming depression.  Here I am in the middle of being a wife, a mom, a student – ridiculously not healthy myself.  And I had these changes all started but now I was stuck in a rut.  My exercise routines had stopped in December when I suffered a bad fall and injured both my knees (breaking my left knee cap) and hurt my back.  My eating habits when from mostly paleo (and working to greatly improve my health) to crap food again because of my job working late nights. After all there are no restaurants in my area open late at night for a good salad.  So with all my focus on everything but me, I was feeling the pain of having allowed myself to become mentally and physically shackled.

Well, I was sharing these feelings with my cohort here, Amelia, and we both decided that we had allowed ourselves to become stuck.  We came to the conclusion that we should not let our circumstances in life, no matter how difficult, to stop us from our paths and our ability to grow and become the women we want to be.

sacrificeWhat a true statement in the image above.  So, with new resolve, she has taken her path up again with renewed insight and vigor; and I have also pushed forward. I am getting on our recumbent exercise bike in 10 to 15 minute spurts (tried up to 20 but it was causing too many issues with my knee). I will continue to work up until my knees and back are no longer holding me back and then it’s FULL ON!  Now that our financial situation has stabled a bit, I have also restocked our kitchen with smarter food choices (as we were leaning on less expensive and overly produced foods to survive the financial rough patch).

giant choc chip bacon muffinSo with my new batch of Giant chocolate chip bacon muffins (gluten free, of course… I need to paleo up this recipe though) and having already done a total of 30 minutes of exercise so far today with more planned later, I say to you – Cheers!

Oh… btw… I still haven’t bought a new muffin tin… :p These were little tins for making pot pie – which I won’t eat anymore so giant muffins it is! Ha!



Naturally my bacon muffin man of the week is Karl Urban.  I swear no matter what I’m experiencing in life watching him perform always brings me upwards and onwards. Been enjoying Dredd (a lot), Doom, And Soon the Darkness, The Price of Milk, and so much more. 😉

sexy karl urban

Karl Urban

International Bacon Day!!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013 is officially International Bacon Day – well, in the United States it is anyway. I decided at the last minute to attempt a paleo chocolate bacon muffin recipe but in the end, I grabbed some gluten free muffin mix from King Arthur Flour, some dark chocolate chips and some uncured bacon. As a married stay-at-home-mom that works nights and goes to school full time online to obtain two Associate’s degrees (*breathes deeply*) time is something I’m short on, especially tonight. Then when I got home I found that I must’ve “retired” (code word: trashed) my muffin tin as it was in dire need of execution. I do have some small loaf pans so for now, that’s what I’m doing. I’m not perfect, but I do try to have fun. 🙂

Please allow me a moment to introduce you to this site, Bacon Muffins. This is a two fold idea between a friend of mine and I. It started when she posted this to my timeline on Facebook:

ten, doctor who, muffins, david tennant, tennant

From that point on, we started to joke about good looking guys baking muffins, doing the laundry and all that jazz… It eventually grew into #baconmuffins becoming a code phrase for “hot guys” for us fangirls.  So far we have included Karl Urban, Gerard Butler, Sergio Di Zio, Sasha Roiz, Doctor Who… and the list grows. But it’s all in good fun. We have the utmost respect for these people that have chosen to share their talents with the world.

We also like bacon, and muffins… don’t know many who do not! So we are adding that in for fun… Sharing recipes and whatnot.

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out!